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This gift bundle will not only help with self care but also self love. This is a gentle reminder that the most important person to love and nurture is yourself and this gift would help support them in their health and well-being journey or just to cheer up that special friend.


This gift bundle is for EVERYONE; the new, to-be or experienced Mama’s, mil, sisters, friends and family members who need that little reminder that their welbeing matters.


This Bundle Includes;

1 x Scrunchlet design of your choicemustard crinkle

beige gingham


1 x The Smoothie Bomb

1 x Bare Chocolates - Salted Caramel


Our key scrunchlets are one size fits all

and designed for practicality and comfort. Each can hold all your keys as we use a strong and thick elastic, high quality fabric and all are handmade with love by August and Poppy here in Australia.


Say goodbye to losing your keys in your shopping bag, pram and leaving them on top of the car because we have you covered! We advise 1 car key and 3-4 smaller keys per scrunchlet.


This gift bundle will help set the atmosphere of a self care and self love session.


Please note: These are not scrunchies, they are designed for your keys.


All products are designed and made in Australia by small businesses.


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